Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tight Hammie

I should have known that trouble was coming yesterday afternoon, when I was walking around center city. Nothing that happened, just a fatal thought: "you know, I've really been very healthy lately."

By ten that night, on an otherwise normal train ride home, I realized that my right hamstring had knotted up. Didn't seem anything that troublesome, more like a cramp than anything else. It just hasn't gone away, though.

I'd been planning on doing some speedwork today, but decided not to. Marathon training has been going very well. I did a 16 mile run on Saturday, including the weekly Saturday morning Wanderers run, and a "fast finish" where I did the last 5 miles at around 7:10. I knew it was taxing at the time, but maybe this is a bit of a hangover. I was still able to run today, a nice relaxing 8 miles on Forbidden Drive. The hamstring didn't keep me from running, but it never fully loosened up either.

Status: no pain, some tightness. To be monitored.

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