Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Philly Marathon course changes

Someone posted on the forum that the course for Sunday's Philadelphia Marathon has changed from previous years:

The course looks the same for the first 9 miles, but then most of the loop around Belmont Plateau has been eliminated (too bad, the stretch through the Japanese Gardens was always one of the nicer parts of the course). Runners won't even go as far as Memorial Hall, but make a quick loop around Landsdowne & Sweet Briar then down to West River Dr., where they'll head NORTH to a turnaround before heading South toward the Museum. At that point they'll bear RIGHT onto the BF Pkwy. and make another TA before heading North on the Pkwy. & Kelly Dr. In another switch, this year they'll run on the RIGHT hand side of the road on the out & back section (which I think means the overpass near Wissahickon will be encountered at 18.5 rather than on the return at 21.5 as in the past. The TA in Manayunk looks to be about the same.

Boo... I was looking forward to the section in the park that they cut out, and I don't do well with 180 degree turnarounds when I'm tired and stiff. There will now be three turnarounds in the race. This city can do better than that.

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Anh said...

Good luck, Helen! I hope to finish within 60 minutes behind you!