Thursday, October 18, 2007

King of the Hill

We did it! 20+ miles on Tuesday!

Here's the route for future reference:
[UPenn --> Mantua/Powelton --> West Fairmount --> Roxborough --> Mt. Airy --> Chestnut Hill.]

This run was not easy. The parts through west Fairmount was pretty uneventful, but I felt cranky by the time we got to Ridge Ave. Roxborough was hilly but I enjoyed it a lot because the streets were quiet and the scenery was new to me. We ran up to Roxborough High where the Wanderers gather for track practice every Tuesday night. Seeing people we know gave us such a mental boost, and the Gatorade that Dennis donated to us (we look like charity cases, doing 20 miles on a weekday) tasted so good.

Polly ran a mile with us and then we split to cross the Walnut Lane bridge over to Mt. Airy. My legs were starting to get tired, and my bladder felt full. Noah hadn't been feeling very well all day. So from there, we ran straight home.

After a 3 minute break in the house, we were out again for the last 6 miles of this run, with Noah biking alongside. We decided to do the "gun loop," not because it's easy, but because we know it. Because we held back at the beginning, I was able to end the run at near 8 minute mile pace. When we're done, I raised my arms in the air. Yay! We did it!

What's next? Yasso 800s and a trail run this weekend.

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