Monday, August 27, 2007

The Ankle Protection Program is back

My right ankle rolled over on Sunday during our run in the Wissahickon, turning the long run into a 9 mile shuffle in the woods. I was fairly disappointed yesterday, but now I realize it's no big deal. I have spained my ankle before and know that the swelling will go away in a couple of days. I also don't have any major races coming up, so I can take rest up. This morning I walked to the track and ran in my ankle brace for a mile, which neatly transitioned into a 8x200s without brace session. Once I warmed up, I felt okay running on even, flat services. Recovery is promising.

For walking to work, I activated the Ankle Protection Program, dormant since April due to my summer-long ankle luck. Good thing it's only 85 degrees today, not 95. I think running shoe companies should make high-top trail shoes for people like me.

The ankle protection program, when it was new:

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