Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Will I ever complete a half-iron triathlon?

This summer will be my third season of racing in triathlons. I've generally had a good time doing them, and have completed 5 races, I think (one of them had the swim cancelled due to conditions).

Starting my first season, I decided that the best distance for me is a 'half iron' triathlon, which is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. So I signed up for one in September 05, in Delaware.

Then I blew out my knee that August. Bye-bye half-iron for a while.

One of my rehab goals was to compete in a half-iron in 06. I weighed my different options, and chose the New Jersey Pine-Barrens half-iron in September 06. I trained hard for it, and was ready when it came time to race it. And I did race it, and was generally happy with my performance. Except, it wasn't a half iron. It was a 1.2 mile swim (probably), a 46 mile bike (so, 10 miles short) and an 11.5 mile run (if that). They'd lied in the advertising to get people to sign up.

But that was the end of the season, it was getting colder, so I put any plans for a half-iron off until 07.

And here I am, 5 days out from the New Jersey Devilman half-iron race. I'm generally in shape for it, in terms of finishing. It's not my 'A' race, and most of my winter training was for the marathon in March. But I'm confident I can finish it, if my back stops hurting.

And that's the big question. I don't know what's going on with my lower back, but it's bugging me. I'm taking today off, except for riding around doing some errands. That felt ok. I'm optimistic about the swim and the bike, but wary about running the half marathon.

Best case scenario, this is an imposed taper.


Leah said...

Good luck Noah! You can do it!

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