Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PSA about bug spray

Here's something that's not on the instructions sheet of your Timex Ironman watch: If bug spray accidentally gets on the screen of your watch, good luck getting the stuff off.

Mosquitoes love me, always have. Last night, while standing around on a grassy field waiting for "frisbee time" (= announced time + half hour), my 7 miles of sweat and raspberry-scented deodorant were attracting a whole plane of bugs to my limbs. To retaliate, I borrowed some bug spray and sprayed my arms and legs. Ah ha! The bugs bugged off.

Well, the spray got on the watch I was wearing, and I didn't think much of it until today. I just assumed that it would come off as easily as the spray on my skin in the shower. Unfortunately, I soaped and rinsed, rubbed and scratched, but the film of bug spray is still on the watch, clouding my view of the time. Should I try a harsher method, such as alcohol or paint thinner? One of my favoritest watches of all time is on the verge of being imperfect. Argh....

Lesson learned - Remove the watch from your wrist before applying bug spray to your arm.


Betty said...

that totally sucks!! i have no idea what to do about that...maybe some WD-40?? :) sorries!

Emily said...

ever figure anything out? i have the same problem. when i googled 'get bugspray off watch' your blog came up. hope you found something that works because i can't seem to get it off mine either.