Monday, May 14, 2007

My Bread and Butter

I had planned to do 8 miles on the trails yesterday morning before meeting up with friends in town and then family for Mother's Day. But I also had errands to run that included killing bugs and driving a stick-shift car around. Due to my slow driving adventures in the morning, I ditched the trail run and did two shorter runs.

Run #1
In the morning, I ran down to Mt. Airy in a 4-mile loop that dips into the East and West sides of Germantown Avenue. Most of my Mt. Airy runs are some variation or extension of this loop. It's the bread and butter of my winter road miles since moving up here. The only thing special about today's run was that I went with the bare bones four, and also that I managed to sneeze ten times in a row, starting from Chew and Sedgwick and persisting until after I passed the Acme.

On a cool and sunny morning like this, with a few Simpsons clouds hanging up in a perfectly sky blue sky and not many people up yet, it was hard to stop at just 4 miles. At the end of the loop, my inner child was pleading for me to stay out running, protesting my brunch plans being so early, but fortunately, my bladder was more vocal and decided at that moment that I had to go inside. So, that's that.

Run #2
It was clear that after a day with seven sittings in the car, I needed this second run. Need is not a strong word here. So at around 9:30, I laced up the shoes (yes, laced!) and put on the shorts Agnes just got me for my birthday and did the gun loop. The gun loop is a five mile loop shaped kind of like a gun around Chestnut Hill that includes a long hill at mile 3. Getting good at this hill has been a goal of mine since riding a bike down the hill on a fun ride with Noah a year ago. I can't say I'm good at it now, but I am competent. There's a short cut of the hill that goes through a small street where Dhani Jones used to live.

I love running on a Sunday night. There were hardly any moving cars on the streets and everything was calm and quiet. It felt like I was bouncing through a ski town in the summer, and I could look into the cute houses that line the streets with anyone staring back.

My left hip was a bit sore at the end of the run, most likely from the bike-run-tennis trifecta yesterday. It's okay, because Monday will be a rest day due to work's surprise phonathon.

I gmaped the two routes:

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