Monday, April 23, 2007

19:07 could be unofficial

One of the strangest habits of runners is constantly looking up race results, following the running careers of people they don't know. Today is a self-imposed rest day for my quads and shins, and therefore I had extra time to indulge my geekdom. I discovered through web surfing that just about every runner I "know" PRed by more than 20 seconds in the race on Saturday. Even the winner of the race, who is semi-elite and presumably runs 5Ks all the time, PRed by that much. In a 5K, that's a whole chunk of time. I suspected that this mass success is not by chance. The course is probably short.

So, I posted a message to the running club about that, and one person then emailed the race organizers, who confirmed that the course was laid out as USATF certified and is a full 5K. Whew, woo, hoo!

But I still have doubts. Later,
someone looked up the course on and wrote, "The course that Clean Air Council had wasn't certified according to the course number. It was more than 10 years old." As of now, we are left hanging, wondering whether the distance we ran was indeed a full 5K.

It's not fun to feel like an imposter. I'm going to put an * next to my 5K time for now.

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